ELF Emmit Review – Does It Really Work To Improve Focus?

ELF emmit

In this modern age, there seems to be more and more wearable technology that can do amazing things. One of the newest breeds of wearable technology is ELF Emmit, a device that is designed to improve brain performance, help you meditate deeper, sleep better and also work harder.



Being advertised as a wearable device for optimized self, ELF Emmit is claiming to be an effective solution to optimize the rhythms and frequencies of the brain by directing electromagnetic pulses right into the cerebellum. This is believed to be an effective way to improve focus, reduce stress, overcome sleep disorders, and overall helping the brain to work better.

But is it really working and worth to buy? To answer these questions, lets take a closer look of the device.

elf emmit
Elf Emmit


What exactly is ELF Emmit

ELF Emmit is an electronic headband that produces electrical pulses in low frequency. Inside the device, there is an electromagnetic coil which targets the cerebellum of the user. This process is believed to be able to change the brain frequency and with the right setting, will be able to “tweak” it so that the brain can function better.

This device is built with the PEMS or Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation technique. This is an FDA approved technique that has long been used in medical world to treat depression in patients that don’t react well with antidepressant medicines. In its 50 years of application in the world of neurological treatment, PEMS has shown great success.

In the past there are also PEMS devices, but they were so huge and expensive, so usually they only exist in hospitals and specialist clinics. With ELF Emmit, now everyone can enjoy the PEMS treatment at home with a small device that’s really easy to use.

In order to enjoy the electromagnetic treatment from ELF Emmit, the user would need the ELF Emmit headband and a smartphone. The ELF Emmit device doesn’t have a power of its own, so it needs to be powered by a mobile device. When the headband is used, the user then can choose between five different frequencies to use.

The frequency options are ranging from 2-19 Hz with five presets; meditate, deep learning, concentrate, anti-stress and sleep. No matter what setting you are using, you don’t have to worry about any possible health risk because the device is already approved by FDA.

The headband is only less than 25 grams, so it’s really comfortable to use, you might even forget that it’s there. Even though it’s really light, the ELF Emmit headband is still a strong little device, because it has a robust design and made of Polycarbonate with no moving parts.

elf emmit
Elf Emmit

How it works

As already mentioned above, when you want to use the ELF Emmit, you need the ELF Emmit headband and a smartphone. The smartphone is required because the headband doesn’t have a battery, so it needs to be powered by another device, in this case a smartphone. However, that’s not the only reason why a smartphone is required when using the ELF Emmit. The smartphone is also required for setting the device and works as a controller. The ELF Emmit is connected with the smartphone using an app that’s available for iOS and Android. From this application, you can choose your preferred mood-altering signal.

There are five different mood modes you can choose, the first option is the Concentrate mood. With this setting, the ELF Emmit will send high frequency beta waves at 18 Hz, and this is recommended to be used for 120 minutes max. This is believed to be able to improve the brain’s ability to solve problems, stay alert, remain focused, process information and to multitask.

The second mood is the Anti-stress mood that emits frequency at 10 Hz and recommended to be used no more than 40 minutes. This setting has a relaxing and calming effect. It works by shrinking the gap between conscious and subconscious mind.

Third if the Deep Learning mood, which is quite useful for students. It emits 8Hz alpha waves, which will help your brain to enter a state just like when you’re about to sleep. Instead of making you feel sleepy, this state surprisingly will help your brain improves its ability to learn and retain information.

The fourth is the Meditate mood that operates at 8Hz of frequency and required to be used for 30 minutes. This will stimulate Theta waves that will help you reach a semi-hypnotic, deeply relaxed state, just like when you’re meditating.

The last one is the Sleep mood, which operates at the lowest frequency of 5Hz that helps you to get a good sleep.

The device itself might require some time to get used to, but when you already feel comfortable using it you will start to feel its benefits.

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