ELF Emmit – A New Breed of Wearable Technology

When speaking about wearable technology most people will think about something like smart watch or VR gear, but how about if you are told that there is a wearable device that can zap your brain into working the way you want to based on what you are trying to achieve? Perhaps it sounds like something that is coming from the future or a sci-fi movie to you. But actually the future is here, and a wearable brainwaves altering device already exists, it’s called the ELF Emmit.

This brain stimulation device is a new breed of wearable technology that can do much more than your VR gear or average smart watch. The ELF Emmit device is the first to offer a brain stimulation technology in a wearable device, so this is actually a very revolutionary product and a pioneer in this field. When used properly, the ELF Emmit can help its users to reduce stress, improve focus, get rid of sleep disorders, and even experience deep meditation.

Just how effective the ELF Emmit really is? In this ELF Emmit review we will cover all the important facts about this device.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

What is the ELF Emmit Device

The ELF Emmit is a brain stimulation device in a form of headband that can emit electromagnetic pulses at low frequency that can influence your current brainwaves into operating at the desired state. Inside the headband there is a coil that produces the electromagnetic pulses located right in the center when the ELF Emmit is worn by the user on the back of the head. This position is in line with the cerebellum so the electromagnetic pulses can be sent directly to change the user’s mood.

The frequencies in which the ELF Emmit operates are within the range of 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is similar to the normal range of the human brain’s frequencies. This frequency range then divided into five different mood settings that the user can choose to alter the brainwaves into working in the desired state.

Weighing at only under 25 grams, the users sometimes even forget that there is a device sitting on their heads. Though it’s really light, the ELF Emmit device is very sturdy with no moving parts, so you can be sure that it will be long lasting.


The Technology

The technology behind the ELF Emmit is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation or PEMS. This is actually not a new technology, because it has been around for decades. It has been researched and developed since the late 1950s and still being developed until today.

The PEMS technology has been proven to be effective in the treatment of patients who suffer from depressions, especially for those who don’t respond positively to antidepressant medications. Not only effective, this technology also has been approved by the FDA, so you know that it’s completely safe to use.

However, though it has been developed for many decades, so far PEMS devices are so large, heavy and also very expensive. The ELF Emmit device is the first to put the PEMS technology into a wearable headband, that can be used anywhere and anytime.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Using the ELF Emmit Device

You need to download the ELF Emmit application before you can use the device, the app is available for iOs and Android devices. So besides the headband you will also need a smartphone to operate it. Not only to control the app, but you also need the smartphone to power the ELF Emmit’s headband, because it doesn’t come with batteries.

When using the ELF Emmit, you should plug it into the headphones socket of your smartphone and run the application. Then you need to sign in using either your Facebook account or Google+ account. After that you can choose the desired setting, there are five settings available: Concentrate, Anti-Stress, Deep Learning, Meditate and Sleep.

When you hit start, the ELF Emmit device will start emitting electromagnetic pulses into your cerebellum. As the device is working, the timer is counting down until it reaches zero and the device will turn off automatically. Some users are a bit confused because the ELF Emmit doesn’t make any sound or vibration or flickering lights when at work, and they think that’s because the unit is broken.

The quiet, non-intrusive operation is actually intentional. Basically when you see the timer is counting down, then you know the ELF Emmit is working. So do you still wonder how to improve focus or how to reduce stress? Maybe the ELF Emmit device is just the right gadget for you.

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