ELF Emmit – A Safe Technology To Optimize Brain Functions

As the modern life has grown to become extremely rapid and stressful, often it’s even hard to imagine how we can take a little time to relax. Especially in the middle of our busy activities, it’s just seem impossible to refresh your mind or to get away for a few minutes for a deep meditation. ELF Emmit is a device that offers a safe an effective solution for the above problems.



The safety of ELF Emmit is not simply a claim by the maker, but also based on the approval from the FDA for the PEMS technology used in it. This technology is proved to be non-invasive and completely safe for both medical and recreational use, such as for relaxation. It runs at 3.4 mT, which is totally harmless, but still powerful enough to influence the brain.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Materials and Design

ELF Emmit is thin and very light, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not strong and durable. This brain stimulation device is built out of thermoplastic and Polycarbonate with simple construction and it doesn’t have many moving parts. So it’s a guarantee that the ELF Emmit device will stand the test of time even if it is used repeatedly everyday.

Designed by experts, the ELF Emmit is so elegant and suitable to be used anywhere, whether you’re at home, at the office or any other pace. Actually there are many neurological devices that are built with PEMS technology, but usually these devices are so heavy, bulky and expensive. Mostly they are only available in hospitals or neurological clinics. The ELF Emmit is a revolutionary device that offers the same benefits as the huge devices, only now you can carry the device anywhere you go.


Open Source Software

In order to use the ELF Emmit device, besides the headband you also need a smartphone. The ELF Emmit doesn’t have batteries, so it needs to borrow the power from another device, in this case a smartphone. Besides giving power to the ELF Emmit, the smartphone is also needed to run the application.

The great thing about the ELF Emmit’s software is that it’s completely open source. So today there are a lot of experts out there that have been working to create better applications for the device. The product developer is also continuously working to improve the application and accepting new applications that are sent from other people to see if there’s anything better than the current application to be used by the device.

The Background

The ELF Emmit device was developed based on the growing needs of people nowadays to improve focus, reduce stress, overcoming sleep disorders as well as other neurological problems without using any medication or invasive medical procedures. The main idea behind the ELF Emmit’s invention is to put a proven technology in brain stimulation treatment known as the PEMT or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy into a small, wearable device.

The PEMT technology itself is not a new technology, in fact it has been around for almost 70 years. The research of this technology has been conducted since the 50’s, and there were also PEMT machines for brainwaves treatment, but as said before, these machines were so bulky and heavy.

The PEMT technology was chosen by the developer because it has been proven to be working, and most importantly it’s proven to be safe and already approved by the FDA.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

How it works

Human brain can be affected by different things, like sound, color, feeling, voice, view, and many others. People from the ancient times actually already knew about this and they also have some methods to change the mood of their brains based on what they want to achieve. For example when trying to meditate deeply, usually they will use sounds with low frequencies like the drums or gong. Some others use steady flashing lights to enter the meditation state. These will stimulate different reactions from the brain, and that’s what the ELF Emmit is utilizing. The device taps into this reaction by using the right technology.

Body and mind often don’t run at the same speed, but it becomes a problem when the brain frequency is not aligned or synchronized with what you are trying to do. Many people have experienced just how frustrating it is when fear and stress often obstructing you from concentrating or think clearly. One good example is when you’re in love, you must have troubles concentrating or focusing on something.

The ELF Emmit device will send electromagnetic pulses to your brain in order to fix the mental state so that it would align to the situation or whatever it is the user trying to achieve. There is a setting for various scenarios and goals, whether you’re trying to study, concentrate, sleep, meditate, or any other activity.

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