Elf Emmit – A Small Device With Huge Benefits

Our brain is powered by both electricity and chemicals, that’s it’s also known as the electrochemical organ, which is quite common knowledge. The electrical activity in our brain is greatly affecting the way the brain works and this can be seen by observing the brainwaves.

There are different types of brainwaves in human brain and some are more active and stronger than others. These brainwaves are changing depend on what we are doing. When we are going to sleep the dominant brainwaves are the Delta waves. When we are in the state of between fully awake and drifting to sleep the brain emits the Theta waves, which makes you so relaxed but still very much aware of your surroundings like when you’re meditating. When your mind is awakened but relaxed, this is when the Alpha waves take charge, it’s normally a condition when you are studying or learning new things. Finally when you’re doing a focused mental activity, the Beta waves occur in your brain that make you stay focus and alert.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

But the problem is sometimes the active brainwaves in our brain are not synchronized with our goals. Like when we are doing an activity that demands us to concentrate and think clearly, but instead we are stressing out and panicking. Sometimes even doing very simple tasks like sleeping could be very difficult when the brainwaves are not working like they supposed to.

So what kind of solutions do we have to fix these problems? Most people will take pills to get rid of those problems, which is not entirely wrong. If you can’t sleep, you can take sleeping pills, if you are stressed, then you can take some anti-depressant pills. But altering your moods with medicines always carries some risks. Sleeping pills or anti-depressant medicines could get you addicted, plus usually they also have negative side effects.

ELF Emmit Brain Stimulation

Altering your moods with pills might work, because brain is also a chemical organ, but wouldn’t it make more sense if we alter the brainwaves, which are the electrical part of our brain using an electrical solution? That’s exactly what the ELF Emmit device is offering. The ELF Emmit device a smart device that emits electromagnetic pulses to influence the brain into behaving the way we want to. With this device you can stimulate your brain to reduce stress, get rid of your sleep disorders, improve focus, experience deep meditation, and much more.

The brain stimulation process using the ELF Emmit device is called the brainwave entrainment. Brain is a really unique organ that can adjust its waves to frequencies received from the outside, which is really amazing and almost sounds unreal. Brainwave entrainment is the process of how external elements can influence the brainwaves to work at certain frequencies. The stimulants could be sounds, visual (lights), or electromagnetic pulses with extra low frequency. So when there’s a pulsing electromagnetic field, or sound or lights, our brain will adjust its brainwaves to the electric cycles produced by those stimulants. That’s a unique phenomenon also known as a frequency-following response.

One great example of brainwave entrainment is when hundreds of children in Japan experienced seizures at almost the same time in 1997. After a thorough investigation, it was found that the trigger was bright flashing lights in a cartoon movie those kids were watching. If you’re wondering why you often see some warnings in TV shows that display flashing lights, that incident in Japan 2 decades ago was the cause. That’s an undeniable proof that brainwave entrainment is real.

So brainwave entrainment could cause some really bad stuff, but when used properly it could give us great benefits, because this process can alter the brainwaves into entering the state we desire. We can use it to sleep better, concentrate, or even to meditate deeper.

The ELF Emmit device is a state-of-the-art device that is using electromagnetic pulses technology to influence the brain into working the way the user wants to. With 5 different mood options, the ELF Emmit is able to give the right stimulations to the brain to make it work based on the current activity that we do or what we are trying to achieve.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Mood settings


The five different mood settings in the ELF Emmit are:

Concentrate – This setting makes the ELF Emmit device produces Beta waves that can enhance concentration and focus. The Beta waves stimulation can improve your concentration multiple times, also enhance your ability to process information, staying focus, solve problems and even to multitask. This is the highest frequency the ELF Emmit can produce, which is considered very fast waves. Beta waves tend to be quite stimulating, these are what the brain produce when doing various conscious tasks, including reading, writing and critical thinking.

Anti Stress – This setting produces the Alpha waves, which can help you to relax and reduce your stress. Basically what these waves do is to shorten the gap between your conscious and subconscious, as a result it will bring your mind to the state of deep relaxation. Stress often caused by the excessive activity of the Beta waves, causing a situation known as the Alpha block. The Alpha waves stimulation will help to balance the Beta waves.

Deep Learning – The state when are about to fall asleep or when we just woke up are really ideal for learning new things and retain knowledge. By using the ELF Emmit device you can enter this state of mind anytime you want. Besides learning, these brainwaves are also great for cognitive functions and information processing.

Meditate – This setting produces a slow frequency of Theta waves. This will balance your cognitive functions to the max and help you control your mental processes. As the name implies, this is the perfect setting to help you meditate deeper.

Sleep – Have a sleeping problem? This will help you eliminate that problem for good. The Sleep setting produces the slowest Delta waves that help your body to fully relaxed and rest its functions.

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