ELF Emmit – Hacking Your Brain To Optimize Its Functions

Supported by a successful crowdfunding campaign, the ELF Emmit device becomes a new sensation in the world of wearable technology. Designed as a brain stimulation device that can enhance brain functions, the ELF Emmit offers something that most people think only exists in science fiction movies. The technology is put together to provide a practical solution to reduce stress, improve focus, eliminate sleep disorders, even helping you to meditate deeper.



Claiming to be able to modify the rhythms and frequencies of your mind, this device is producing electromagnetic pulses that are sent directly into the cerebellum. Let’s take a closer look into this interesting device.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

PEMS Technology

The ELF Emmit device works by sending electromagnetic pulses at low frequency in order to adjust the brainwaves frequency so that it’s synchronized with whatever it is you’re trying to do or achieve. The device itself comes in a form of headband, which has an electromagnetic coil inside. The headband is placed on the back of the user’s head so that the coil is aligned with cerebellum, the target area where electromagnetic pulses are sent.

The technology behind the ELF Emmit brain stimulation device is known as the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation or PEMS. This technology is already approved by the FDA and has been used in medical and neurological applications for about 50 years. After decades of applications, it has been proven that PEMS is completely safe and has real health benefits.

However, in the past it’s not so easy to get a treatment with PEMS technology, simply because the PEMS devices used to be so huge and expensive. That’s why PEMS devices can only be found in hospitals or neurological clinics. So the ELF Emmit device really has revolutionized the brainwaves treatment.


How ELF Emmit Works

In order to operate the ELF Emmit device, you need the ELF Emmit headband and a smartphone. The smartphone is necessary for two reasons, first because the headband itself doesn’t have batteries so it is powered by the smartphone. The second reason is because you need the smartphone to run the application to choose the appropriate setting. When the headband is ready to be used and placed on the head, you can then use the connected smartphone to choose one of the mood settings that you want to use.

In general, the ELF Emmit device can produce frequencies in the range of 2 Hz to 19 Hz, while it has five different mood settings with each setting has its own frequency range. These five mood settings are Concentrate, Anti-Stress, Deep Learning, Meditate and Sleep.

When wearing the ELF Emmit headband you will barely notice that it’s there, because it weighs in at only less than 25 grams. However, even though it’s really light, the ELF Emmit headband is a really robust little device. It’s made of Polycarbonate with a simple yet sleek design without any moving parts.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Why Does It Work

Neuroscience experts have found out for a long time that human brain has five different types of operating frequency inside the cortex that affects the state of mind. Using the ECG technology, these different brainwaves are observable, furthermore there is also an obvious correlation between each of these different frequency ranges with your mood.

So far the experts have noticed five different moods with five different frequency ranges. The highest frequency is the Gamma wave, which has correlations with focus and dream states. The next frequency that’s lower than the Gamma wave is the Beta wave, which is usually associated with restful concentration. Under the Beta wave there is the Alpha wave that is proven to have a strong relation to deep learning and anti-stress.

Under the Alpha wave we have the Theta wave that influence the states of meditation and psychological flow. Finally the lowest wave is the Delta wave that correlates with sleep and the body’s ability to heal itself.

The problem is that often there is a conflict between what the mind is trying to accomplish with the actual state of brain. For example during a stressful situation or any scenario that requires one to highly concentrate, the brainwaves can go up to 30 Hz, which is way beyond the normal state and it could create problems such as panic attack.

At that situation, the ELF Emmit device would be very useful as it could send electromagnetic pulses that will slowly stimulate the brainwaves back into its normal state, and even more, it helps the brain to be able to maintain focus and calmness.

With the same process, the ELF Emmit could help to improve concentration, to overcome sleep disorders, to improve focus, to meditate deeper, and to learn better.

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