ELF Emmit Review – Sync Your Mind And Body

In the past few years, we have witnessed the advancement of wearable technology. We have moved so quickly and so far from the era of smart watch to virtual reality gadgets. Looks like we will still be seeing a lot of new  in not so distance future.



The ELF Emmit device is one of the newest wearable gadgets with state-of-the-art technology that offers a fantastic function: Zapping your brain to work better based on your goals! This may sound like something that’s coming out of a comic book, but actually it really makes sense and the science behind it is not really that complicated.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

What is ELF Emmit

So the ELF Emmit is a device in a form of a headband that should be placed on the back of the head. In its core, the ELF Emmit has a coil that produces electromagnetic pulses in the range of 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is similar to the range of frequency emitted by the brain in normal circumstances. These pulses are sent directly to the cerebellum in order to modify its frequencies according to what you’re trying to do or achieve.

The device itself doesn’t have batteries. It receives its power from a smartphone connected to it. The smartphone also functions as a controller, you need it to operate the app and choose the appropriate setting whenever you’re using ELF Emmit. ELF Emmit doesn’t stand out at all when used, it looks much like a regular headphones, so you can use it anywhere without attracting unnecessary attention.



The technology used in the ELF Emmit is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation or PEMS, which is actually not a new technology. PEMS has been invented and developed since more than 50 years ago and has been used by neurologists and scientists from all over the world. This technology also has been proven to be effective in modifying brainwaves as well as proven to be completely safe to use, that’s why it’s already approved by the FDA. Usually The PEMS is used in the treatment of depression cases, especially for patients who don’t respond very well to antidepressant medications.

Even though it’s very effective, there is one problem. PEMS devices are so bulky, heavy and incredibly expensive. That’s why only big hospitals and fancy clinics that have these devices, and patients should travel to these places to get a PEMS treatment. Thanks to the ELF Emmit, everyone now can enjoy the brain stimulation treatment anytime and anywhere, without a trip to the hospital.

The Science of the Device

The main idea behind the ELF Emmit is the fact that our brain has five different operating frequency ranges within its cortex. Each of these different frequency ranges has a correlation with certain moods, like relaxed, excited, focused, stressed and many more. There might be more states that we don’t know about, because human brain is still holding a lot of mysteries, but so far there are five states that are observable. From the state with the highest frequency to the lowest, they are the Gamma wave, Beta wave, Alpha wave, Theta wave and Delta wave.

The Gamma wave is associated with high focus and dream states, Beta wave is associated with restful concentration, Alpha wave is associated with deep learning and anti-stress, Theta wave is associated with psychological flow and deep meditation, while the Delta wave is associated with the sleeping state and natural healing.

The most common problem with body-mind connection is that often the two are not synchronized. While the body is trying to achieve something, the brain is emitting the wrong frequency. For example when you try to study, the brain might stressed out, making it difficult for you to focus. The ELF Emmit device can be set to stimulate the brain by sending the right frequency to the cerebellum, so that slowly the brain will enter the state of focus and reduce stress until it’s gone completely.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

The Verdict

Devices like the ELF Emmit is the way of the future, it might be the beginning of many similar devices with more amazing functions. It will be a great solution for those with a hectic lifestyle that often feel stressed out and seem like never can find time to relax. With the ELF Emmit device, you don’t need to wait until the weekend or the next long holiday to remove all your stress away, you can simply turn on the device and enjoy the sensation. Now you can enjoy relaxation anytime, anywhere, even when you’re busy working and studying.

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