ELF Emmit – Zap Your Brain For Better Mood

How do you feel about a device worn on the back of your head that can zap your brain into working in order based on what you’re trying to achieve? Maybe you would find it too scary and won’t even think about trying it on. But actually this whole brain-zapping thing is not that scary at all, especially when done right using a perfectly safe device like ELF Emmit.

Of course that zapping your brain with the ELF Emmit device doesn’t mean that the device will give an electric shock to your brain, instead this device sends electromagnetic pulses to the cerebellum in your brain in order to stimulate your brainwaves so that your mind can enter the desired state based on what you’re trying to achieve. Depends on the setting on the ELF Emmit device, this device can help you get rid of sleep disorders, reduce stress, improve focus, or even experience a deep meditation.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

How ELF Emmit works

In a glance when used, the ELF Emmit looks just like headphones, it has a thin shape worn on the back of the head. It’s also plugged into a smartphone to work. The ELF Emmit device doesn’t have batteries, so it is powered by the smartphone. The smartphone is also needed for operating the app that’s available for iOS and android.

The headband itself contains a coil in its core that produces electromagnetic pulses in extra low frequency, ranges from 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is the range of the brain frequency in normal conditions. Before using the ELF Emmit device, you need to sign in with your Facebook or Google+ account. Then you also need to select the mood setting before starting the session.




When the session starts you will see the timer counting down on the smartphone, this tells you that the device is operating. Sometimes users feel a bit confused and think that the ELF Emmit is not operating, simply because it doesn’t make any noise, it doesn’t blink or vibrate. But that’s just the way the ELF Emmit is designed, which is to be non-intrusive, without lights, sound or vibration. This kind of design makes it comfortable for the users to do various activities, like listening to music or doing other things that require high focus. So you simply need to see the timer is counting down to know that the device is at work.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

The ELF Emmit brain stimulation device comes with five different mood settings:

Concentrate – This mood setting produces Beta waves, that can help to improve your ability to multitask, process information, remain alert and focus, and to solve problems.

Anti Stress – This setting produces the Alpha waves that help shrink the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind. This process will result in a more relaxed, calmer mind, that finally will relief you from stressful feelings.

Deep Learning – This mood setting takes your mind into the state like when you’re just before falling asleep and the moment after you just woke up, because these are actually the best times for our brain to learn something new and retain the knowledge.

Meditate – This setting is producing the Theta waves that will help you to balance your cognitive functions as well as control your mental processes. You will enter the state of deep relaxation but still fully aware to a semi hypnotic state that’s so ideal if you want to experience a deep meditation.

Sleep – This setting as the name implies, helps you rest all your mind and body functions so you can totally rest and get a good quality sleep. This mood setting produces the slowest frequency of Delta waves that not only help you sleep but also can boost your immune system.

The Technology

The ELF Emmit is built with PEMS (Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation) technology that has been proven to be effective and completely safe, because it’s already approved by the FDA. The technology itself dates back to the late 1950s when it was first being researched by scientists and researchers from America, India, China and Japan. Since then, lots of experiments have been conducted along with continuous enhancements to make the technology better and better. The result is a solid technology that’s proven to be effective in altering the brainwaves into working at the desired state.

The only problem before the ELF Emmit device was introduced is that all PEMS devices were so huge, bulky and super expensive. The ELF Emmit became a revolutionary device that finally able to put the PEMS technology inside a small, portable and wearable device that can be used anywhere and anytime.

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