Improving Your Mood With ELF Emmit Headband

Since many decades ago, experts have found human brain works at five different types of frequency range inside the cortex. Using an ECG technology, these frequencies can be observed quite clearly. It was also found that these different frequencies are connected to different moods and states of mind. These five different frequencies from highest to lowest are Gamma waves, Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves and Delta waves.



Gamma waves are associated with attentive focus and also dream states. Beta waves correlate with restful concentration, while the Alpha waves relate to deep learning and anti-stress. Theta waves have strong connection with psychological flow and semi-hypnotic state usually found while the subject is meditating. Finally the Delta waves have correlation with sleep and natural healing.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

The problem is our activities and things we are trying to achieve do not always synchronized with our state of mind. For example we are stressing out when we actually need to concentrate and focus to solve a problem, and that makes us unable to think of the right solutions. Another example is when we try to sleep our mind is so active and cannot stop wandering making it difficult for us to fall asleep.

Fortunately our brain is so receptive to external stimuli  so we can actually influence our brain and make it work the way we want to. This is actually not a new theory, people from the ancient times have applied this theory in their activities whether they realize it or not. A good example is Buddhist monks who are meditating with the sound of gong or bells. Those sounds are able to help them enter a deeper state of meditation. There are many other stimulants that can help alter our brainwaves and states of mind, including music, lights, sound of water, rain, even the sound of rolling wheels when you’re on a train that can actually help you sleep, and so much more. That means, it’s actually very much possible for us to influence our brain into working the way want to based on what we are trying to achieve.


The ELF Emmit Brain Stimulation Device

The ELF Emmit is a wearable device that works to alter the user’s brainwaves to change the state of mind by sending electromagnetic pulses directly into the cerebellum at the right frequency. This device is shaped as a headband with a coil in its core that can produce electromagnetic pulses at frequencies that can be arranged by the user. The idea is to gently influence the brainwaves into following the rhythm of the frequency sent by the device.

The headband itself doesn’t have its own power, because it doesn’t come with batteries. When operating, it borrows the power from a smartphone, so you have to plug it into your smartphone to make it work. Not only you need the smartphone as a power supply to the ELF Emmit’s headband, but you also need it to run the app that controls the device. This application can be downloaded in Play Store or App Store, depending on what type of smartphone you have.

When you want to start your therapy session, after running the app you should sign in using your Facebook or Google plus account. Then you should choose the desired setting and hit “start”. The timer will start counting down until it reaches zero and it will stop the session automatically.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

The PEMS Technology

The ELF Emmit is built using a technology called the PEMS or Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation. This technology has been around for decades and already has a long and successful applications in the world of healthcare. Being developed for about 70 years, the PEMS technology has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions in the treatment of patients with mind-related issues, such as sleep disorders, stress or anxiety. It’s also really successful in treating those who don’t respond too well to antidepressant medicines. Additionally, this technology has been approved by the FDA, this will give you peace of mind because you know that it’s completely safe.

There was only one problem, the PEMS devices are so huge and bulky, plus they are also super expensive. So usually in order to get a PEMS therapy you would have to visit a hospital or a neurology clinic. However, with the ELF Emmit you can now enjoy the therapy sessions anytime and anywhere you want. Whenever you need to reduce stress, improve focus or have a deep meditation, you can simply plug the ELF Emmit device to your phone, put it on your head and start the session.

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